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Wedding Service

Royal Wedding Planner and Coporate event organizer
Wedding Card Invitation and Distribution
Royal Wedding Planner and Coporate event organizer
Wedding Place and Destination
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Wedding Bar Party
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Wedding Design And Decoration
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Wedding In Hotel
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Wedding Makeup Artist
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Wedding CAR Service
Royal Wedding Planner and Coporate event organizer
Wedding Decoration
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Wedding Engagement Service
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Wedding Pre-wedding Service
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Wedding Reception Party
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Wedding Anniversary Party
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Wedding Catering Service
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Wedding DJ and Music
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Wedding Photography
Royal Wedding Planner and Coporate event organizer
Wedding Other Services

Wedding Consultant Services

Gone are the days when people used to seek advice and suggestions from their elders, relatives, friends, Neighbors and so called Experienced People for Wedding Planning and Celebration. With the advent of technology and receding joint family system, People prefer to hire professional Consultancy or Wedding Consultants to make the celebration grand. The Wedding Consultant provides the services i.e. Wedding Planning, Wedding Organizing, Ladies Sangeet, Venue Booking, Band or Parlor services etc. or in short all services related to Wedding under one roof. The Professional Wedding Consultants usually charge in premium and the charges depend on hourly basis. They sit with the client and the relevant questions and answers depending upon the required assistance area. It is like the exchange of ideas, design, and themes etc. and confirming with the professionals about the feasibility and the budgetary requirements. People have started seeking professional help so that nothing is skipped or missed from the naval hands.

Wedding Consultancy Services are hired typically in the early stages of Wedding Planning Process. These meetings provide the consultant or the planner with an opportunity, wherein he or she can showcase his or her expertise to the client and recommend pleasing the client and get hired. The coordinator can make the client realize that they actually require more assistance than they had thought off. The responsibilities of Wedding Consultant or Planner starts from being Coordinator among relatives, friends, vendors etc., to Work as Event Organizer from Engagement organizing to Engagement party planning and organizing, executing the traditional programs like Ladies Sangeet both planning and organizing. Another daunting task like Ladies Music Planner and Ladies Costume Designer to the Dancing choreographer. Doing all these and ensuring the cost minimization or optimization. The duty of the Wedding Consultants includes reducing stress to the different stakeholders like a bride, groom, and their families along with guests.

The Royal Wedding Planner provides Wedding Consultancy services and especially the Destination Weddings in Destination Wedding Cities like Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Pushkar, Samode, Neemrana, Goa, and Rajasthan etc.

Wedding Planner Services

A wedding planner is specialized who supports the theme, design, preparation, and management of a customer's Wedding. Weddings are important occasions and events in one's lives, the Relatives and couples are enthusiastic and agreeable to spend a significant amount of money to make certain that their weddings are disciplined. Wedding planners are hired by the couples and their relatives who find it difficult to manage the wedding and its preparations, either due to the paucity of time or expertise.

In other words, The Wedding Planner is well trained by the Wedding Planning Institutes and various courses. The professionally trained Wedding Consultants and Planners are professionals and they charge their professional fees for their services.

Professional wedding planners are famous especially for Wedding Destination in India for destinations like Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Pushkar, Samode, Neemrana, other parts of Rajasthan and Goa.

If it is an International Destination, it involves complicated documentation and paperwork contracts etc. based on the Nationality of Guests. The Royal Wedding Planner is popular Wedding Planner in India and takes care of Wedding Requirements. The Wedding Planner Services include the followings:

1. Deliberation Meeting with the couple and their parents to ascertain their concepts and needs.
2.Research of the budgetary Requirements as per the needs.
3. Planning the scheme and elegance of the event.
4. Inspection of Locations and Venues.
5. Pre-Marital and Marital Photoshoots of the Couple.
6. The Standard Checklist and Checklist preparation as per Requirements.
7. Preparation of the Guests list.
8. Working out the different venues for different events i.e. Hotels, Guests House, party House, Banquets, Ceremony Halls, Temple, Gurudwara or Church etc.

9. Striking a Deal and contracting with professionals and other services Vendors such as photo and Videomaker, Salon and Beauticians, florists, sweets, Catering Services, drinks, etc.
10. Hiring a convention decorator or travel map.
11. Wedding Day Deliverables and Services Coordination.
12. Plan B in case of some failure of Event.
13. Preparation of Event layout Such as DJ and Dance floor, Buffet positions, Allocation of tables, chairs for the lounges etc.
14.Event conference to brief all suppliers.
15. Wedding Day Coordination, pre-event and post-event follow-ups.
16. Arrangement of Ladies Music Planner, Ladies Sangeet Planning and Ladies Sangeet Organizing.

Theme Party Organizer

Royal Wedding Planner, and organizer, we are professionally managed Progressive and growth, Oriented group. We keep on brainstorming different innovative and pioneering Concepts, Constructive Approach, and Ethical & full of Integrity attitude towards work. Royal Wedding Planner is famous and popular amongst its clients for pioneering and Creating Ideas and Creating Independent Themes as per the needs, wants and Requirements of the client, keeping in mind the budgetary allocations & Timeframe, From the very beginning of Thorough Planning, Imagining, Hypothesizing, And Creation & Lastly Revolving Even The Slightest and smallest Event Into A Enormous Accomplishment.

Royal Wedding Planner is one of the most sought-after Theme planner, Royal Wedding Planner, and organizer in Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Pushkar, Samode, Neemrana, across Rajasthan and Goa.

No matter, Planning a Destination Wedding and its arrangements, Corporate event, Corporate conference, product launch, awards night planning, theme party planning, trade shows or musical or any other mega or small concert, Royal Wedding Planner Planning empowers its clients to get fully occupied with their guests and audiences entrusting unto us the responsibilities of the event. We make live events memorable for the life with the process of conceptualization, the creation of the design and executing flawless events. These events require a lot of receptivity and sensibilities. We understand the very fact well and work towards the common goal of the event owner and us as a service provider to make the event successful.

We are a leading Theme planner, Royal Wedding Planner, and organizer and enjoy good equity with our far-reaching connections in the industry. We offer the themes and services for different events and Destination Weddings like Theme planning, consultancy and organizing, balloon decoration, theme party event planner, birthday party organizers, theme party organizers, kids theme party,

Maharaja Theme, Roman Theme, Bollywood Theme, Rustic Modern Theme, Egyptian Theme, Rajwada Theme, Ethnic weaves Theme.

The Royal Wedding Planner enables execution of flawless, customized themes events Destination Weddings at reasonable budgets at the best of the locations, especially in Rajasthan and Goa.

Event Organizers

An Event Organizer is a professionally trained person who assists in executing an event, and usually, it is the bread and butter source for the person so he does it with full zeal and dedication. The Event Organizers ensure that the execution of the events goes smoothly, and in case of any disaster or problems, they do have plan B to resolve them. The Event Organizer is relied on from the start to finish of the Event.

Royal Wedding Planner is a famous Event Organizers and is responsible for the followings to name. It may involve many more Event activities other than this:

1. Generating the Event Idea.
2. Stipulating and Determining: - Time, place, structure, format, cost, etc. for the Event.
3. Authorizing the event and different stakeholders.
4. Booking and Reservation of the venue site. Ensure enough space for the guests and players. Paying the Advance or token Money for confirmation.
5. Advertising and populating in case the Event is a tournament. Fliers, internet, and other social media planning etc.

6. In case of Wedding Event or the Social Events organizing: Wedding Planning, Wedding Organizing, Wedding Consultancy, Wedding Coordination, Event Organizing, Engagement Organizing, Engagement Party Organizing, Engagement Party planning, Ladies Sangeet planning, Ladies Sangeet Organizing, Catering, Photoshoots, florist etc. Wedding Day Coordination, pre and post event continuations.
7. Recruiting and hiring qualified and professional staff. Usually as per the size of the Event bigger or small events.
8. Preparation of Event layout Such as DJ and Dance floor, Buffet positions, Allocation of tables, chairs for the lounges etc.
9. Entertaining and Dealing the day to day problems in executing the event plans E.g. Roof Leakage, Space Constraints, Computer or other technical snags etc.
10. Preparing and cleaning up the Event. Reporting the results or about the Event timely etc. and Many More.

The favorite Destination for Destination Weddings in India Includes Places in Rajasthan includes cities like Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Pushkar, Samode, Neemrana, and The all-time favorite Goa State.

About Royal Wedding Planner

RoyalWeddingPlanner is India's Largest Wedding Company started in the year 2012 from Mumbai and Delhi NCR , Jaipur.  RoyalWeddingPlanner is a one-stop-shop for all wedding services anchored around wedding venues. We realize the stress one goes through in finalizing their wedding venue and vendors, and aim to make this process a hassle-free experience for the consumer.

RoyalWeddingPlanner is the only company in the Indian wedding space that works on a full inventory model. It has over 300+ properties (called ‘Wedding Venues’) in 27+ cities in India. A Wedding Venue guarantees a great event to its customers along with 100% transparency!

We realize the value, time and efforts one has to invest in creating any thriving event (Wedding or Corporate), service providers such as Photographers, Makeup Artists, Mehandi Artist, Caterers, Decorators, Cinematographers, Wedding Planners, Licence Providers, Anchors, DJs, Choreographers and many more play a very crucial role in executing this celebration. www.royalweddingplanner.in has a sizeable warehouse of trusted, experienced, and curated wedding service providers. As of now, the company organizes 1,000+ events per month and over the duration and with expansions across India and international markets, it targets to organize 1,000+ events per month.

The website also allows the consumer to browse through recent trends, blogs, ideas, and inspiration. It is a one-stop solution supplier, where consumers with one single click can discover convenient & comprehensive solutions to their social occasion without the trouble of visiting multiple websites or contacts!

If you are facing a hard time finding your perfect wedding venue or service provider, register with us on www.royalweddingplanner.in or

Call on +917021350164
Email:  contact@royalweddingplanner.in
Email:  thakurshadi99@gmail.com

Looking for acclaimed weddings planners in Delhi & NCR (National Capital Region) to make the once-in-a-life momentum special and full of sweet memories”


“Want to get the services for professional corporate event planners in Delhi & NCR to give any corporate event a special touch of success”

Here, at Royal Wedding Planner, you will get the right solutions for all kinds of events. We are the leading event management company with a specialization in wedding planning offer you the best event management services. Every event is special for us and we leave no stone unturned in providing the final touch of success to the special day of your life. Accredited as the top wedding organizers in Delhi, we have been continuously offering bespoke event management. Having been into the industry for last more than 24 years, we have carved a special niche for offering the best services for all kind of events ranging from wedding parties to corporate events, social gatherings to personal events. We are engaged in event conception, creation, and execution. We work with you to customize a memorable and exclusive event that your guest will talk about for years to come. Put simply, we are a one-stop platform those who look for one of the best marriage event planners in Delhi NCR for luxury events. Royal Wedding Planner is also known as the top birthday party planner in Delhi NCR Royal wedding planner – All Corporate and Formal Events at Their Best Being one of the award-winning corporate events planners in Delhi & NCR, we offer a gamut of services. Our incorporated offerings cover all kinds of events. Here are the names of a few of them.

  1. Special events, Launch events, Gala events

  2. Awards ceremony, Conferences, Corporate Trade Shows

  3. Seminars, Dealer Meets, Sales Meets

  4. Product Launches, Brand Promotion, Award Functions

  5. Annual Get-Together, Annual Days, Founder Day

  6. Theme Party, Wedding Management

  7. Inauguration Ceremony

  8. Film Festivals and Screening Events

We have a team of professionals who have expertise and experience enough in arranging occasion likewise that incorporates the development of a theme for and according to the occasion along with event backing and security and a lot more. If you are looking for wedding ceremony planner in Delhi, stop searching now. Feel free to give us a call or send us a mail.